Fostering Change Through Care and Advocacy



Over the years, United Ministries staff and volunteers have learned that if an organization is willing to develop caring relationships with people and serve as an advocate for participants, then significant change can happen. 

We’ve used this model for over 20 years to achieve successful results. Personal relationships are the key to ensure that participants remain committed to the opportunities offered by our programs. Our skilled staff first assesses an individual’s needs, then places the participant in the appropriate phase of the program and follows through while he or she is attaining pre-set goals.

United Ministries offers four distinct programs that holistically address the root causes of poverty, homelessness and unemployment. The programs and services of United Ministries assist hundreds of families each month in their path toward stabilization. With the focus on intervention rather than entitlement, United Ministries’ programs encourage people to take steps that will help them meet their needs - and those of their families - in healthy and edifying ways.

United Ministries' programs form a complete continuum of care that can remove the barriers that cause homelessness, foster stability in employment and motivate toward success through enrollment in post-secondary education. 


  • Place of Hope
    Couples tangible services such as laundry and showers with counseling and case management to meet the basic needs of homeless people
  • Adult Education
    Allows students to take control not only of their education but also their ensuing career path and life goals
  • Employment Readiness
    Assists qualified participants in obtaining a job, promoting financial stability and self-sufficiency