GED Testing


When a student has achieved GED-readiness, he or she is given an appointment with a guidance counselor to apply to take the exam. During this appointment, the counselor reviews all of the requirements associated with taking the exam (e.g., verification of school withdrawal, SC identification, etc.) and makes plans to address any barriers that may arise (e.g., transportation and childcare on test day). The counselor maintains constant contact with the student until exam day. All staff are involved on exam day in transporting students to and from the test, addressing last minute crises, and providing encouragement.

Beginning in 2011, students have been asked to contribute a $20 co-pay toward the $80 GED exam fee.  This policy change was a budget-driven decision.  As United Ministries addressed a restricted agency budget, expenditures on GED exam fees had grown in 5 years from $4,390 to over $40,000 due to an increasing number of GED test-takers as well as ever-increasing GED exam fees.